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Battery and Alternator

Battery or Alternator problems? We are able to arrange recovery or to jump start the car, diagnose and fix any battery and alternator problems. We can also come and fit the battery at your door

Wrong fuel

If you have put the wrong fuel in your tank, don't worry. We are able to service and repair all vehicles with incorrect fuel. Call us to arrange recovery if needed.

Yearly weather inspection

We offer winter weather inspections. With the UK's unreliable weather it is always best to get your car checked to make sure each and every journey is safe.

Electric diagnostics

Electrical problems? We have skilled and experienced staff mechanics that are able to find the problem and give you a quote for the repairs so there are no surprises.

Vehicle Servicing

The type of service you choose for your car will be dependent on various factors, including the condition of your car, the number of miles you drive and the last time your car was serviced. We offer two types of service for you Full Service which includes a comprehensive 70 points check while Interim Service has a 50 points check.

Quality work, quickly

We repair over 95% of all of the vehicles that come in for regular maintenance the same day. Our collection and delivery service can mean the car is fixed without any effort on your behalf.

Our Features

Book an MOT and a service together and get a £10 discount

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  • yearly MOT test
  • Free Retest
  • Emissions and exhaust test
  • Collection and delivery
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Interim Service


  • Oil service
  • Collection and delivery
  • Oil and Oik Filter
  • 50 point vehicle check
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  • Full service
  • 70 point vehicle checks
  • drive and test
  • Collection and Delivery
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  • Collection and delivery
  • Filters and fluids
  • drive and test
  • full vehicle checks
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